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Charaway Truly Precious


Sire: True Colours
Dam: D'Amors Shakari-Khan 

Purebred Arabian Mare
Registered AHSA

Born 2004
14hh (unofficially measured)

SCID, CA and LFS Clear


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Available for sale $1200


Charaway Truly Precious is our foundation broodmare. She blessed us with a beautiful daughter in 2022. As we are keeping her daughter and needing to drastically reduce numbers, Precious is being offered to a genuine forever home. She cycles perfectly and is an excellent mother and a low maintenance mare. Good to catch, handle and have around. As she is older, a forever home is more important than money so we are negotiable to the right home. She is a wonderful mare and one of only a handful of True Colours progeny in Australia. As she is on the smaller side, she would also be ideal to breed Arabian ponies.



Ruminaja Ali (US)
Bahila (DE)
The Egyptian Prince (US)
Asmarr (US)
Morafic (US)
Dawlat (EG)
Moneef (DE)
Noosa (DE)
The Minstrel (US)
Thee Desperado (US)
True Colours (CA)
AK Amiri Asmarr (US)
Dalul (US)
Daheda (CA)
Nahed (DE)
Charaway Truly Precious
El Shaklan (DE)
Mohena (DE)
Hilglor Rainmaker (US)
Rasraffa (US)
El Shaklan (DE)
Sascha (DE)
Boyar (AU)
Windsor Park Bay Magic (AU)
Sanadik El Shaklan (DE)
SK Shakla Khan (US)
D'Amors Shakari - Khan (AU)
Sun King Raindrop (US)
Amir El Shaklan (GB)
Shakista (AU)
Dandaloo Sissi (AU)




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Radiance of Allyndah2.jpeg
Charaway Ultimate Star s Cool Breeze Sta

Radiance of Allyndah


Charaway Ultimate Star


Prada DT

  • Foundation Broodmare

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