The Deltree Story

People often ask me what the name “Deltree” means. In the beginning, it didn’t mean anything. It was a name I made up from a pile of jumbled letters as a kid, when I wanted to give my collection of toy horses a “stud name”. But as I grew, it grew too, and I took it with me into my future pursuits. Now, it’s a symbol of persistence, of creating something from nothing.


where it began

It all started with a bright green Toyota Rav4, a miniature horse float and a couple of ponies. Naturally, a couple became many and I spent 2009-2021 striving to breed the ideal Australian Miniature Pony. 

In 2015 I began dabbling in the life long dream of owning a palomino partbred arabian - my "dream" horse if you will - and had several golden partners until a spur-of-the-moment purchase in 2019 led me to the purebred mare, Karissa MI.


That's when the love affair began.

how it's going

Completely enamoured by the purebred Arabian and their endearing personalities, one became many of those too.