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Aston MI


Sire: MI Klassique
Dam: Always An Angel

Grey Purebred Arabian Gelding
Registered AHSA

Born 2018
Mature approx 15.3hh


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Ninth-Generation Mulawa-Bred Champion

Member of the M ANGELIQUE Family

Already a proven champion in the show ring, ASTON shows great promise as a serious show prospect of imposing presence and potential, both in hand and under saddle. With a charismatic natural show attitude, fantastic tail carriage, a powerful animated trot and abundant eye-catching appeal, we expect ASTON to be a serious competitor at the highest level of equine sport.


ASTON is a member of one of the most successful family of achievers in Australia, that of M ANGELIQUE. His legacy is that of uber-athletes DARK KNIGHT MIARTISTRY MIALLEGIANT MIRAPID FIREHIGH CALIBREFIRE ALERT & MULAWA ANGELUS, as well as that of the famous 'Wings Brothers' - MULAWA BRONZE WINGSSOVEREIGN WINGS & GOLD N WINGS - three of the most celebrated under saddle performers in Australian show ring history.


Most importantly, ASTON is the direct progeny of ALWAYS AN ANGEL, a legendary Mulawa matron who has produced six champions, whose legacy includes a universally admired collection of international superstars the likes of ALWAYS VALENTINE MIVALENTINO'S ANGEL MIVANGELIS MI & the glorious A VISION MI.


Through his sire MI KLASSIQUE, ASTON is blessed with the same combination of genetics that has created an incomparable dynasty of champions by combining KLASS with MUSTANG'S MAGNUM, including Australian National Champions KLASSICAL DREAM MIMI KLASSIC FANTASY & KLASSICAL TIARA MI. Australian National Champion legends FAMES PHANTOM MI & MAXIMILLIANO are also members of this famous family of achievers, adding further credibility to ASTON's potential as an athlete and show horse of infinite potential.


Unquestionably a rising star in the 'Family of Angels' that continues to rewrite the record books at every level of equine sport in the Arabian breed, 



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TS Al Malik
MI Klassique
Magnum Forty Four (US)
Mustang's Magnum
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Magnum Forty Four.jpg
Aston MI
Mustangs Magnum.jpeg
Always An Angel2.jpeg
Sanadik El Shaklan
SK Shakla Khan
Always An Angel
Sun King Raindrop
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Sanadik El Shaklan3.jpg
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Fame Maker R.jpeg
Fame Maker R
Angel of Fame
Mulawa Angelica.jpeg
Mulawa Angelica


  • AHC Young Stars of the Future Champion Members Gelding | 2021

  • AHC Young Stars of the Future Reserve Champion Junior Gelding | 2021

  • AHC Young Stars of the Future Reserve Champion Non Pro Gelding | 2021

  • DDAS I Diamond Champion Junior Arabian Gelding | 2021

  • DDAS I Ruby Champion Junior Arabian Gelding | 2021

  • Hunter Valley Arabians | Supreme Purebred Arabian Gelding | 2020

  • Hunter Valley Arabians | Champion Non Pro Purebred | 2020

  • National Arabian Stud Show Reserve Champion Yearling Gelding | 2019

  • DDAS I Ruby Champion Arabian Yearling Gelding | 2019

  • DDAS II Diamond Champion Arabian Yearling Gelding | 2019

  • NSW State Titles Reserve Champion Junior Gelding | 2019

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