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MI Belle


Sire: MI Klassique
Dam: Bree MI

2019 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare
Registered AHSA
Mature approx 15.3hh

The unquestionably beautiful BELLE represents the best of the Mulawa breeding programme, combining the superlative attributes of both Mulawa-bred supersires: KLASS & ALLEGIANCE MI. Her maternal lines are equally esteemed, as she traces to three of the most celebrated Aristocrat Dams in the breed: RD FABREANNA, MUSTANG’S MAGNUM and twice to the ‘Queen of Mulawa’ herself – KARMAA.

BELLE is an ultra-refined, upright and abundantly elegant filly, with an exceptional attitude and a naturally effervescent carriage. She is a tall, well-balanced young show prospect with a powerful animated stride, accentuated by enthusiastic tail carriage and a commanding presence. We expect BELLE to be a formidable contender in the show ring, and like several generations of her celebrated dam line, an outstanding producer of the next generation of excellence. 



Hello Barich ELS (BR)
BF Tiffany Select (BR)
Kaborr (US)
A.N. Marieta (US)
Magnum Psyche (US)
WH Nashahna (US)
Sahjat (US)
Dantarah (AU)
TS Al Malik (BR)
Klass (AU)
MI Klassique (AU) 
Karmaa (US)
Magnum Forty Four (US)
Mustang's Magnum (AU)
Sahtarah (AU)
MI Belle (AU)
Magnum Psyche (US)
WH Nashahna (US)
Parkview Audacious (AU)
Mulawa Aria (AU)
Pryme Thyme (US)
Holly Onfire JW (US)
Falcon BHF (US)
GF Simply Magic (CA)
Magnum Forty Four (US)
Allegiance MI (AU)
Bree MI (AU)
Audacia (AU)
Pyro Thyme SA (US)
LLC Briana (US)
RD Fabreanna (CA)


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