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Julianna Al Sahrae


Sire: El Chall WR (Imp US)

Dam: Chelleason Bey Jullye-Anne

2018 Purebred Arabian Mare


Julianna is a tall, ultra-refined beauty, a mare that could truly excel at anything. She would make an exceptional saddle horse or would be an ideal source of refinement in any breeding program.


Paternally, Julianna is sired by El Chall WR (imp USA) who is a highly acclaimed show champion on multiple continents. His progeny are excelling both in hand and under saddle around the world. He also brings a genetic blend of some of the most influential show and breeding horses of our time. Julianna is out of none other than Australian icon, Chelleason Bey Jullye-Anne - a mare held in high esteem by all who have been in her presence.


Julianna herself has been wonderful to handle and have around, with a sweet and gentle temperament. She has her first foal at foot, a colt by Rolex GW, who has inherited strong traits from his mother’s pedigree, including the beautiful swan neck, upright forehand and shapely topline.


Julianna could easily be started under saddle and would make an ideal ridden prospect with her smooth, ground covering gaits and agreeable nature. She could also be rebred for the astute breeder. We are happy to facilitate a breeding while she has her foal at foot. Julianna is one of my favourite mares - however as we are not breeding for the foreseeable future, and we already have two riding horses, we are offering her to the perfect home as part of an essential stud reduction. Please email to register your interest.



Padron's Psyche (US)
A Fancy Miracle (US)
Don El Chall (BR)
Tananaa (NL)
Afire Bey V (US)
S S Magnolia (US)
LF Fifth Avenue (US)
Georddanna (US)
Magnum Psyche (US)
Magnum Chall HVP (BR)
El Chall WR (Imp US)
Taamara HVP (BR)
DS Major Afire (US)
Major Love Affair (US)
HL Infactuation (US)
Julianna Al Sahrae
Ali Jamaal (US)
Jullye El Ludjin (BR)
Bey Shah (US)
LEA Azramette (US)
Bey Shah (US)
Raffoleta-Rose (US)
Karda Mordo Khamsin (AU)
Bremervale Marquessa (AU)
Jullyen El Jamaal (US)
Gai El Jullyen (US)
Chelleason Bey Jullye-Anne (AU)
Gai Fantasha (US)
Rave VF (US)
Briarwoods Bey Savannah (AU)
Briarwoods Khara Mia (AU)


  • not yet available


Versace DT


  • none to date

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